Treasure Hunting

 I love poking around antique places, curio shops and book stores. Anywhere there is chance I might just find something rare and special is tops in my book.  Even as a little girl I loved old places and curious things. On my way home from Lunenburg last week, I thought I would pop into a great little place called Mother Hubbard's Cupboard for a visit. The name is perfect because….. it is in Hubbards, Nova Scotia! Those green lamps are so cool.

Just about a half hour drive from the city,  it is a wonderful place for a good treasure hunt. There are lots of little rooms to explore. Isn't this colour great?

 I love that they kept the little kitchen and used it to display kitcheny things.

 Chock a block with stuff!

Perfect way to escape the winter doldrums. Mannequins fascinate me:) This one is oddly dapper.

Some very impressive Christmas cactus plants dot the store and they are in bloom right now. Gorgeous!

I picked up an old small standing frame that is on hinges, so the picture can be angled. Needs someTLC. I could have purchased more but one must practice restraint. Right now there is a sale on, in some of the rooms everything is half price!

 Ok, I've probably put way too mamy pics up but it is a fun shop and I couldn't help myself.In fact I have a lot more to share but will spare you:) Tea anyone?


NOTD: Icing Magnetix Gold/Green

Dingle Tower at night

Photopool: Dingle At Night