Triple weather warnings in effect

A winter storm warning is in effect for our area, as well as a storm surge and freezing rain warnings.

“This is a warning that dangerous winter weather conditions are expected,” states Environment Canada.

“The snow has turned to freezing rain and ice pellets across several regions and will persist for several more hours before changing back to snow.

Tonight the precipitation is forecast to change over to rain over all areas as warm Atlantic air invades the province. However between 15 and 30 centimetres can be expected before the changeover.”

Also in the forecast are strong easterly winds. “This will cause reduced visibilities in blowing snow starting this afternoon before temperatures climb above the freezing mark.”

“Les Suetes winds gusting to 160 km/h are expected to develop tonight on the west side of the Cape Breton Highlands.”

“The combination of a run of high astronomical tides, storm surge and large pounding waves will lead to coastal flooding and could damage infrastructure along the Atlantic shoreline.”

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