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Turning Over a New LEAF

By Samantha Lodge

As 2013 is fast approaching, eco-friendly trends are on the rise. More people are recycling and conscious of their water and electric consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are down.

In Halifax many organization are using sustainable energy practices. One of those is Nova Scotia Power. NS Power has an environmental approach to energy which helps plan for a cleaner and greener community. Its building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and they are adding and increasing the use of cleaner sources of electricity including wind, hydro and tidal power. Today, about 17 per cent of the electricity we use every day in Nova Scotia comes from renewable energy sources.

In a recent episode of SmartCity we see one of their best practices in play when the show’s host, Craig Layton hops in the back seat of the all electric car the Nissan LEAF and goes for a ride with Eric Tomchuk, a meter for NS Power.

The Nissan LEAF is used “eight hours a day, every day” with meter readers like Eric. The award winning cars became a part of the NS Power team as part of the ShareReady program, and represents NS Power’s commitment to lessen the impact energy sources have on the environment.

Employees at NS Power are encouraged to take the LEAF home, take their family and friends for a ride, and see how it all works.

“If electric cars are going to come on the system we want to know how that’s going to work,” said Communications Specialist, Rob Wadden. “They want us to take it out and enjoy it. I have 3 and 5 year old sons and I took them out in the community – loved it! [I] drove it around [and] people [were] stopping and looking. [They] wanted to take a look to see if it had a tailpipe.”

With no tailpipe and no gas tank this car takes clean energy to a whole new level, even including a solar panel on the rear spoiler of the car so drivers can conserve more energy. A full charge can get the driver about 150 kilometres and costs approximately $1. With innovation like this I think it’s safe to say we’re a step closer to clean and cost effective energy consumption. 

But according to Robin McAdam, Executive Vice President, Strategic Business & Customer Services at NS Power it’s no wonder you’d see this car driving around Halifax. “This is a city that leads Canada in terms of environmental consciousness.”

And it shows! NS Power wasn’t the only company who saw the importance of getting into smart energy incentives. It is through the power of relationships with other local businesses that the ShareReady program is able to operate. When everyone from O’Reagan’s Nissan Halifax, Port of Halifax and Wilson’s fuels are partnering for the ShareReady program Halifax really lives up to the title of a smart and sustainable city.


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Author: Samantha Lodge

Samantha is the Communications and Marketing Assistant at the Greater Halifax Partnership. She moved from Newfoundland to Halifax to attend university, and ended up rekindling her love of the east coast. She feels that being close to the ocean in a city with so much excitement is the ideal situation – Halifax’s talented music scene is an added bonus!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/SmartcityBlog/~3/BJfdO4GNz4A/so-its-almost-2013-and-were-still-waiting-on-the-future-that-was-promised-to-us-by-sci-fi-movies-and-television-shows.html

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