Twas the Night Before

Twas the night before the day of my birth and all through the house quiet at last. A perfect time to reflect for a year well spent.

Many changes came in 2010. We remained a Muslim/Christian household after much thought. The days of being an iT Support for Comcast came and went as did the new dream job after 3 short months. The year was filled with the good and the bad.

We were grateful to move back to Toronto were we feel home at last. God provided for all that we needed and a wee bit more.

As i sit and reflect¬† I am happy for the blogging chances i got. From winning my way to SOBCON, to sending Scott Stratten in my stead. I was glad to meet many i read. I was grateful for Blissdom Canada and for She’s So Connected too for allowing me to meet new friends and old.

I am thankful for Himy Syed for he got me thinking community instead. My favorite moment of 2010 had to be helping others. The residents of 200 Wellesley came to mean so much, my thoughts are with many who haven’t gone home.

As i sit here drinking a Cap thanks to Tassimo for the perfect gift. i pray as many of you open gifts in the morn you will think of loved ones near and far and be grateful for all our lucky stars.

As i look to the year ahead I wonder and dream what will God bring. He has blessed me with much for this i am glad. Here is to a blessed time of year and prosperity in the New year.May you and yours blessed beyond measure and thanks for being a part of my trip.


Merry Whatever to all and to all a good night!

Merry Birthday, or, One for the Christmas Babies