Surviving Holiday Job Loss

Yesterday I was at work, at about 4 pm my manager called me into a meeting and nicely told me my job was gone. You know the job I raved about back in September is no more. It appears the company I worked for over hires in the late summer early fall and does mass firing right before Christmas. I did not know this going in.

So that leaves me a single mother of a daughter who is turning 13 in 3 weeks, without a job right before the holidays.

These next 3 weeks are ussually a festive fun time in my house: this year Rachel and I will have to postpone celebrating birthdays and well Christmas ( and yes we have still been celebrating) will be very low key.

I have either in the bank or know of the following funds coming in within the next 4 weeks: $1645.00

That is what I have to last me till the end of January when I pray IE may kick in. I may not qualify as I had quit my previous job right before moving to Toronto. I will have to wait and see on that one. But prayfully I can find a full time job before then. Or at least a way to earn about $1,000 a month.

So HERE  is the budget and I will be updating it as I go. Week by week.

My Survival Holiday Budget

Income and Savings : $1,645


Rent                            $700 ( I thank God for a decent rent)

Utilities                      $300(phone,cell, internet, hydro)

Transportation       $110 (TTC)

Groceries                   $300

Christmas                  $75 (Rachel really wanted a laptop but had also asked for an MP3 player)  Spotted a nice one for $22.

RIS                                $75 ( is Islamic Conference I really wanted to go to Dec24-26 at the Convention Center).

Haircut/Color          $25 (when job hunting one must look good)

Birthdays                    $25 ( thinking maybe a movie on the cheap)

Total                        $1610

Can I do it? Yes I can!




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