Just Once

Many of you know I am a single woman.

Lately the matter of love is one that has been on my mind. If you have known love count your lucky stars. If you are in love know how blessed you are.

I have never known love. You know the kind when you know you are his best friend and the object of desire. The one he choses to be with because he can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

I have fallen for the guy a few times over the years but I have yet to be that woman. I am always the friend.

Just once I would love to be the one.

I would love to know that feeling just once.

What am I looking for? My best friend. One who gets that I am impulsive, compassionate, loyal, affectionate and so much more. I want to be the one he wants to call just because. The one he wants to dream with, the one he wants to kiss at the end of a rough day. Is that too much to want?

If you are in love right now count your blessings. Some of us wonder if we will ever get that blessed.


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