Win $10,000 RESP with Aquafresh Advanced

I am a little posting this but Aquafresh Advanced has a wonderful contest that is closing next week. You can share your wish with for a chance to WIN a $10,000 RESP, courtesy of Aquafresh Advanced.

When I think what $10,000 could do for Rachel and her education, I can’t help but think of the dreams I have for her future. Even a child with Asperger’s can go and excel in a university environment. I want her to have the exact same dreams that every child should have. Right now Rachel is fascinated with science and biogenetics. She says she wants to be a scientist. So this mom wants that for her daughter. I want her to have a great education. A $10,000 infusion into her RESP account would definitely help.

Now here in conjunction with Aquafresh Advanced Futures I am hosting a giveaway!

What am I giving away? One Phillips Sonicare Kids toothbrush (value $70) and a sample of Aquafreh Advanced toothpaste.

You until Sunday November 28th at 6 pm EST to enter.

How do you Enter? Leave me a comment telling me your best tip for getting your child to brush their teeth. What is your best toothbrushing tip or trick? If you want an extra entry on my blog tweet about the contest and leave me a link to your tweet . Use the hashtag #AquafreshFutures.

Dont forget you have till November 30th to get in on the main contest  to win a $10,000 RESP from Aquafresh Advanced.

*Disclosure- I am participating in the Aquafresh Advanced Futures program by Mom Central on behalf of GSK. I received a sample of Aquafresh Advanced and a gift card as a thankyou for my participation. The opinion though here on my blog are my own.

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I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now…