‘Twas The Night Before My First WI

Yup, tomorrow is the big day.  It’s my first official weigh in after a solid week of being on track.  I’m very eager and hoping for some good results.

Looking back on this week I can’t say that I really had any trouble following the plan at all. I was lacking a bit in the oils and dairy.  Most days I only got one of each instead of 2.  I’m going to try and fix that this week though. I earned 8 activity points, which isn’t great but I’ve been busy between working full time, the part time social media and having a bit of a life. :)  This week coming week I’m going to aim to earn 20.  I think that is do-able especially since I have both an elliptical and a treadmill in front of the TV where all my shows are on the DVR just waiting to be caught up on.


My day was pretty decent.  Can’t say that I really enjoyed waking up to this nasty mess though:

Yup, snow.  BOO. This should not be happening for another few weeks.  You hear that Mother Nature, back off!! No more snow until December…..It was SO cold and wet.  I was chilled to the bone all day, even the fire isn’t do it for me.


I did end up staying late at work to do some last minute stuff for bossman and now I’ve just gotten back from grocery shopping.  I’m fully stocked for the next week, probably two.  I did a bit of meal planning before I went to the store and you know what, I think its going to work well for staying on track and within my budget.  

You’re probably wondering what I’m going to make…guess you’ll have to wait and see 😉 Hehehe.  Given the weather of late no doubt there will be lots of comfort foods (revised to be healthier of course!)  So stayed tuned for a few recipes over the next week.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll be sure and post my results!


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