Tweet Things Come in T(h)rees: A Birth Story

Did you know that only 5% of babies are born on their due dates? Personally, my statistics were even more extreme. Before going into labour with my third baby, 0% of my babies had come on or before their due dates.

100% of my babies had gone over, with my second pregnancy going over by 12 days. Now, I know my personal sample of babies and deliveries are pretty slim at only two – but as “they” say, the best predictor of future pregnancies are past pregnancies. (Or maybe that’s something I made up.)

Needless to say, when my water broke at 3:30am on January 12th, my due date, my first thought might have been an expletive.

And then, these thoughts went through my head:

1. I am so not ready for this baby. I don’t have a bag packed. The “nursery” hasn’t even begun to be changed over from my office/storage room. I haven’t even found the baby clothes let alone washed any. The baby bed isn’t set up in our bedroom. Heck, our bedroom isn’t even clean enough for a baby bed to fit in there.

2. Who the heck do I call at 3:30 in the morning to take care of my older two boys?

3. It is garbage day. If we do not get the Christmas tree out to the curb, we’ll have it in our house for another two weeks…


I learned after my first baby was born that I do not write (or read) birth stories. As a blogger, I felt compelled to write one, but goodness gracious, the thought of it just sounded so exhausting. You see, I tend to have long labours. Long, boring, labours that include lots of walking. And while I totally am able to wax poetic about all the gory, gruesome, beautiful details, I might as well just publish a novel. Luckily, all my long, boring labours that include lots of walking left me loads of time to tweet, and as such, my birth story is sort of already curated for me. Live tweeting my births has kind of become a tradition for my husband and I (and some of my twitter followers who remember following along to previous births).

Cameron  Gavin

So here it is. My (third) birth story in 140 character snippets (plus some other commentary and images).

While I won’t be live tweeting any more births any time soon, you can still find my tweeting and snapping over on Twitter and Instagram.

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