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Date: 2012.04.09 | Category: Recaps, Twitter | Tags: A recap of my Halifax Retail tweets for the last week@Martock Next...

Date: 2012.04.09 | Category: Recaps, Twitter | Tags:

A recap of my Halifax Retail tweets for the last week

  • @Martock Next Season Passes are available only $120 til June 29
  • tried @lovelatrinidade for dinner on Fri was disappointed, duck poutine had the right flavours but gravy wasn’t hot enough to melt curds.
  • a friend who used to swear by @mezzahfx last 3 visits srvc was horrendous inc. last night mostly empty place took 25 min to get 4 drinks
  • Extreme Pita on Quinpool is now open in the former aquarium store space
  • Giant Head Shoppe now open in HSC former location and Golden Clipper now closed, it’s a big Head Shoppe, not one exclusive for big heads
  • last night @FidKitchen for great food after learning the subtly of Thai seasoning, I recommend taking one of their courses if u love food
  • Sorry All Second Cup Quinpool opens on Saturday
  • Genji #AYCE Sushi is open on Wyse Rd. Dartmouth I think it’s an odd spot but I have been hearing really good things
  • local @thevaultjewelry to 2x size by moving in HSC space left vacant by Bogarts who cited a “weak” market
  • Forgot I took this. Friday Supper Hour Windsor&Bayers chicken trying to convince me to go to Swiss Chalet
  • PSA: NSLC Closed on Friday and Sunday
  • #Dartmouth Q:What are they doing on Burnside Drive? A: They are putting in a new walkway to connect with that ped.bridge #SaferBurnside
  • Halifax and “Darkness” but Google shows that may not be accurate
  • Yes I am celebrating Bad Friday with Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheesburgers tonight!!
  • Grocery Stores Closed tomorrow and Sunday ahhh Panic
  • went to farmers market at 4 dead because there was nothing really to buy except fish,went to Pete’s the exact opposite
  • #halifax#dartmouth Hey small biz who’s open today? Where can we all go for a bite or a drink?
  • #HRMLunch Good Friday ed. Fish&Chip map some are seasonal so maybe not open today,any additions fire them my way
  • Testing out @Snapguide “Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger Guide”
  • Tried Spicy Junction in fairview for curry it was meh Still haven’t tried Gracious Indian yet have to put it on to do but Dhaba is so good
  • It’s busy out there on the shops today be safe #halifax#dartmouth


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