(un) Death-Match

So…did anybody notice I was MIA last week?

Sorry, peeps. I’m trying to manage my time while juggling a few other projects. This may take some adjusting to work out the logistics.

Women of the Otherworld

Women of the Otherworld

One of the other projects I’m currently working on is something called (un) Death-Match. If you like books about the supernatural, may I turn your attention to this fun site and my first blog entry there? I’m supporting the werewolf campaign for the next couple months. More specifically, I’m defending one of my fave books of the genre: Kelley Armstrong’s werewolf novel Bitten.

This post is going up at midnight, later than usual as nod to the fact that there’s a full moon out tonight. Go to the site and post a comment there on why werewolves rule or tweet about it either @undeathmatch or using the hashtag #undeathmatch and you can be entered to win 1 of 10 copies of Bitten. If you miss out tonight, another “full moon frenzy” contest will happen again. Guess when?

Most importantly: vote werewolf and vote often.

If not for me, then do it for Tofu dog.


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