Union: “Out of service ambulance numbers continue to rise”

New data collected for the months of October, November and December 2018 show the number of half-staffed and out of service ambulances throughout the province.

Half-staffed and out of service ambulances continue to be an issue for Nova Scotians, where healthcare is in crisis.

“We released data like this back in August, and it’s only getting worse. When you look at the numbers they are just staggering. It’s alarming.” said Michael Nickerson, President of IUOE Local 727.​ ​ “Something needs to change. We need to get everyone together and find a solution. Nova Scotians deserve better, and our paramedics deserve better.”​

Across the province there were 336 incidents of units being out of service in October, 274 in November and 379 in December. That’s a total of 989 incidents of units being out of service in just three months.​

“The public needs to know what’s happening here. The fact of the matter is our health care system in Nova Scotia is in crisis. It’s not the doctors’ or nurses’ fault, it’s a systemic issue affecting everyone, including Paramedics.”​ ​ Nickerson said.​


Source : Media Release

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