Ur Doing it Wrong: Boxing Day Shopping

L-A: So, it’s just under ten days before Christmas and I haven’t really bought anything for anybody. I just haven’t had a chance. This does not stop me from thinking about the Big Day. And I don’t mean Christmas. I mean Boxing Day. I have no idea how you do Boxing Day sales. Maybe you could school me on the facts. But what we’re going to do is give you some tips and tricks based on our own experiences. And tell you where the sales are going to be in HRM.

So this is where most of us do it wrong: we just focus on Christmas shopping during December. We’re all, “oh, I need to buy something special for Mom/Dad/Grandma/sibling/that wacky aunt who gave me a copy of The Rules when I was still in high school”. (True story about The Rules…but not to me – that one was for you Key).  And while yes, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, I argue that you need to be keeping an eye out for what to buy on Boxing Day (or the day after Boxing Day, if you live in NS). You might be thinking I’m crazy, but allow me to elaborate:

Here are some tips I have learned from previous Boxing Days:

  1. Figure out where the sales are (see list below for the HRM sales). This needs to be done at least two weeks in advance. Ask your favourite store.
  2. Scope out the things you like ahead of time (during the time when you’re supposed to be shopping for other people).
  3. Try things on before Boxing Day. Bring your most honest friend (unless, of course, you’re shopping for him/her). There is no time/space for trying clothes on when the sale arrives. You are wasting your time in a line up for the dressing room – the good stuff is getting bought while you wait to try it on.
  4. Get to your favourite sale early. Now that you already know what it is you’re going to buy, you need to be first in line for that shit. Some stores are nice enough to pass out hot chocolate and cookies while you wait (hello Biscuit!).
  5. Wear decent underwear, stockings that will fit into all shoes and a tank top.  The tank top is so you can haul your shirt off in an aisle to try things on (you know you’ve done this. also, see dressing rooms, line ups). Stockings so you can try on the pretty shoes without having to track down someone to get you the complimentary stockinettes.  The underwear on the off chance you flash someone if a dressing room door opens accidentally. Or if you’re trying stuff on in the aisles. Whatevs. I’m not going to judge you at a 50% off everything sale.
  6. Make a beeline towards whatever it is you wanted. For reals. Don’t stop for any bitch. Do not pass Go. You know you want those polka dot heels or that bestest dress ever? Get your size in your hands (if it’s shoes, make sure you’ve got the pair, not just one).
  7. Pay for it tout de suite. If you want it bad enough, you want “Paid” marked on the box or a receipt in hand.  That way if you happen to lay them down to pick something else up, there will be no fight scene a la Confessions of a Shopaholic (1:13 of video below…in case you hadn’t seen the movie).

Pretty simple, non? I think so. It’s how I got my polka dotted Steve Maddens for $55 instead of $110 at Biscuit.  I already knew that I love them and that they fit. All I had to do was get in the store and get them into my hands before anyone else. I did and it was awesome.

And now…the sales  that I know of (compiled by us, with input from you – we’ll update the list for during the next nine days). In alphabetical order, so as not to play favourites with stores:

Biscuit – 50% everything

John David Shoes – 50% everything

I only know these two because they are the only two I’ve hit up after Boxing Day. It was sort of an all day affair in both cases and then there was a year where I could barely afford Christmas. There must be other awesome sales out there – so tell me which one is your favourite.

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