Use of cellphone while driving results in fine

At 2:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon, Colchester District RCMP were patrolling the Highway 104 near Bible Hill when an officer observed a female driver using her cellular telephone to record herself while driving.

A 28-year-old woman of Colchester County was issued a Summary Offence Ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for driving while using her hand-held cellular telephone. It carries a fine of $237.50.

Colchester District RCMP would like to remind motorists that distracted driving is one of the causes of serious injury and fatal collisions on our roads. Road Safety is a priority for the RCMP, and drivers are reminded to make it their priority as well. If you see someone driving unsafely on our roads, report it by calling RCMP at 800-803-RCMP (7267) or 911.


Source : Media Release

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