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Valentine’S Day Brunch

Whether you’re single or a significant other there’s no reason not to spoil either yourself or your loved ones with a delicious weekend brunch (or breakfast in bed). Put the coffee on fire up that oven because we’re in it to win it.

In an attempt to cut down on some carbs (I am heading to Mexico in the coming months) I wanted to make a breakfast similar to eggs benny, but without all the carbs, and butter (sorry).

Instead of the traditional English muffin, bagel or toast smothered in Hollandaise sauce (find a paleo version here) I decided to serve my poached eggs over sauteed spinach (with an added extra kick I might add). And because I cut down on the carbs with the spinach it’s okay to add the potatoes (it’s all about compromise just like relationships right?). I also opted for nitrate free turkey sausages that are little leaner (and won’t cause migraines). Here’s how you can pull it off. 
What You’ll Need: 
Turkey Saugages (two per serving)
Hashbrowns (I used store bought, don’t worry we’re going to fancy them up). 
Mushrooms, cleaned and sliced.
Eggs (one to two per serving)
Thai Garlic Chili Sauce  
Order of Operations:
Now if you’ve made poached eggs you probably don’t need much instruction, but if you’re a newbie, or maybe your S.O is the one who usually cooks here’s the breakdown.
Preheat Oven. Line a baking sheet or pan with parchment paper, and lightly brush with some olive oil. Cook sausages according to package instructions. I usually cook on 350 for about 20 minutes (giving them a toss every now and then), but I like them well done. Make sure to cook thoroughly. The best part about cooking them in the oven is that if they finish early you can just turn off the heat and leave them hang out until you’re ready, and it also frees up your stove top.
While your sausages do their thing.  Start cooking the hashbrowns. Heat a skillet over medium heat, and splash with olive or coconut oil. Add hashbrowns and mushrooms, and if you like a little spice feel free to sprinkle with spices like garlic powder, onion powder, and chili flakes. (optional)
The hashbrowns can take a little while, so while they cook you can get started on your poached eggs. Bring a large pot of water just to boil.
While the water starts to boil you can heat another skillet to cook your spinach. This is really easy, all you need to do is heat with olive oil, add spinach (and add alot it shrinks down A LOT). Cook for a minute or two then add a tablespoon of the thai garlic sauce, and extra garlic as necessary.  Continue to cook until soft, and add more as necessary.
If you’ve never cooked a poached egg before follow these precise directions >> How to Poach An Egg.
Now everything should be cooking, and should finish around the same time. If you’re eggs are done early (sometimes those potatoes can take a while if you like them crispy) don’t pour out your hot water from cooking the eggs just toss them back in just before serving and they will heat up again. And keep the spinach over the burner with the heat turned off and it should stay warm until you’re ready.
I’ve made this breakfast a couple times (and maybe even two days in a row), and so I know you can TOTALLY do this! So go ahead and surprise your loved one, or treat yourself with a great meal :):) and enjoy it guilt free.
Serve your poached egg(s) over your perfectly spiced spinach with your hashbrowns and turkey sausages, and feel free to throw in some fresh flowers, coffee, and even some chocolate.
Happy Valentine’s Day Blog Reader!
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