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Value Village and Bowling Downtown?



As of May 20 2014 the Woodside will be running from 6:52a to Dartmouth and 8:37p last boat back to Downtown on weekdays, weekends though still no service.


That puts a Value Village right in the range of downtown, Just a 12 minute ferry ride and a 5 minute walk


Canada’s “best” (according to Canadian Living) are now that much closer to downtown


The original Habaneros


The Original Cheese Curds was the first to kick off the new wave of “gourmet” burgers


the convert of the old Arby’s is now serving up tasty Chicken and Ribs


Local Favourite watering hole in the neighbourhood


hmmm I thought Bearly’s and Gus’ were the home of Ace :)


even junk (sorry closeouts and refurbs) liquidator XS Cargo is just a ferry away, There is also a Guardian Drug and Dollar Store here as well.


If John’s isn’t your bag maybe the Battered Fish is and of course there is a Starbucks ! Just 100m away on the other side of the parking lot is a Tim’s as well


and just up the hill a 2 min walk behind Tim’s is the BOWLARAMA


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