Vasanti Spring collection review

You have heard me mentioning Vasanti Cosmetics in the past on this blog for a few reasons. First, they are a Canadian brand (woo hoo), and second they are hard to find where I live which leads to lots of lemmings. Recently, I have been very lucky to be sent the Spring Collection for review, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Here are the goodies, in and out of the packaging. Gorgeous, I’m telling you.

And the swatches.

The Hamptons Eye Colour Palette was the first thing I swatched, obviously, as I’m always drawn to eye colours first. The colours are awesome for spring.

By the look, I liked the navy on the very far right, but after swatching, I loved them all, lol. The 2 lightest colours (beige and light grey) are perfect for highlighting. The pink and warm brown are the most pigmented and are my most favorites. Especially the brown caught me by surprise as how pretty it is on my hand. The navy has some teal shimmer in the pan but it doesn’t show on the swatch. I can’t wait to start creating looks with this palette. Vasanti, you did a great job on this palette, I give you full credit for that 🙂

The Ultra Luxe lipsticks are really fun too and they are not drying on my lips.

On the left is Sweden, a nude pink with intensity level 2 which I agree. It is quite sheer, which would be perfect to pair with a smoky eye look. I don’t normally wear nude lipsticks, as they don’t look good on me. Now I’m on a mission to find a way to make Sweden work. It’s just so pretty.

In the middle is Denmark, an intense berry red with the highest intensity of level 5. Holy molly, look at it. I’m shy of red too, so I wouldn’t pick this shade myself, to be honest, but now I see how nice it is on the swatch, I’ll bring myself to wear it – maybe with a LBD 🙂

On the right is Swiss Alps blush, a beautiful shimmery plumy pink. The sparkles are so awesome in the pan but don’t transfer to your cheeks, so no worries there. The colour is pretty and it’s buildable to the intensity you want. I wouldn’t wait until spring to wear this blush 🙂

All in all, I am happy with the goodies I got to try and like the challenge of a few colours that brought me out of my comfort zone. That’s the beauty and fun of makeup, isn’t it?

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