Victoria’s Secret Wet/Dry shadows

You probably remember my post yesterday about Victoria’s Secret crosses the border next year. I mentioned I was turned away by their high S&H charge.

But today, I officially own a Victoria’s Secret makeup product: the Beauty Rush Wet/Dry shadows, 8 of them to be exact!

I found these babies in a blog sale at Only X Lindah and obviously jumped right on the offer. They arrived on Thursday but I didn’t have a chance to take pictures until today.

From L-R, first row: Smokin, Bronzinger, Plum Crazy, Violet Femme.
Second row: Jade A Kissed, Glamerald, Blueray and Gold Rush.
Linda also sent me a hand written note (with Hello Kitty), a sample size of Clinique blush and some sweet goodies. Sweet!

I know I’m late on this VS shadow bandwagon, and you probably wouldn’t need to see any more swatches. I’m just gonna post Linda’s swatches with her permission for any of you who haven’t seen them before. She used UDPP as a base, swatch them dry.

The order from L-R:
– First row: Glamerald, Smokin (the third one is the regular Luminous shadow in After Midnight) – Second row: Jade A Kissed, Gold Rush, Plum Crazy
– Third row: Violet Femme, Bronzinger, Blueray.

Except for Blueray, all other shades (including the ones I don’t have) are either neutral or dark. I wonder why there isn’t any hot toned colour in the red or yellow family. Wish they make more.

Which shade is your favorite? I’ll make sure I put these shadows in good use. I love the fact that I can use them wet, as I do believe the magic of water in making eyeshadows pop. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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