Video: ‘Cubicle To The Cage’ Reality Show Gives Ordinary Joes A Shot In The Ring

Auditions are being held this Sunday, November 20 here in Halifax for a new reality TV series that will take ordinary people and turn them into mixed martial arts competitors.

 'Cubicle To The Cage' will hit the airwaves in 2013 on the HD network radX. Produced by Hemmings House Pictures and shot locally here in the Maritimes the series will follow the back-breaking daily training of regular working-class people who will give up their 9 to 5 grind for the blood, sweat and tears of the mixed martial arts ring.

Auditions will be held at TitansMMA + Boxing, 3200 Kempt Road, Halifax. Haligonia's Antoine Abawajy talks to series creator and producer Boyd Sharpe in the ring.


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