Video: Fireworks On Barrington Street

In this special series, Ashley King takes a look at the decline of one of Halifax’s busiest business districts. 

You can tell from the outside that Fireworks Gallery takes pride in the presentation of it’s storefront.  It stands alongside former Carsand Mosher, one of many local businesses that have had to close their Barrington Street doors in the last eighteen months. Outside Fireworks Gallery stand three parking meters. No cars are parked there at present but as I later find out from the owner of this bastion along Barrington Street, the parking meters are a recent and welcomed addition because they give the illusion that the street is busy.  Judy Anderson has seen it, been there and got the t-shirt.  In this interview you can get to hear Judy’s views and feelings on surviving in a street that gives the impression that everyone has left town. Welcome to ‘The Real Barrington Street‘.


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