wait, what?

These are the lights in my front hall,original to the house. Once upon a time these were hideously out of style but luckily, fashion revolves in cycles and they are trendy again. Very 1960’s. I should have taken a wider shot so you could really see them. They are suspended mobile style from some teak cross bars. I live in a house with lots of windows and we are on a small hill so it feels as though I live in a treehouse sometimes.

I was woken last night by the pouring RAIN and it really disturbed me. Not that I was awake, but that it was rain. This weather is freaking me out. Topsy turvy. Garden bulbs are starting to grow. This is January, the month of ice and frozen snow. We haven’t even had real snow yet. Nature is getting confused. Where is this going? What is in store? Bothers me this does. Just checked the forecast it looks like the temps are falling again so hopefully they will stay put until March. Fingers crossed.

Today is Monday and it feels like Saturday. I worked at the market all day yesterday and it is getting me mixed up. It was very quiet there but that is to be expected in the midst of the holiday wrap up. Next day planned is Wednesday. I did manage to get some painting done which is a real bonus. Some minis for Love Me Boutique’s children’s section:) 4×4″each

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