Wake Up & Run!!

Goooooood morning everyone.  I got to bed at a decent hour last night which meant 5am I was wide awake.  Ah well, what can ya do? I’m a creature of habit.  Since hubby wasn’t going to be up for a few hours I made myself a pot of fabulous french pressMmm, my fav way to have to the daily jolt!


Fueling up pre-run is always fun.  A big bowl of oats – made with UVAB & banana.  Then topped with peanut butter, Crofters Superfruit Europe, hulled hemp seeds & more ‘nanner.


This is me, trying to get excited at the prospect of a solo LSD.  Have to admit that it was a pretty decent morning for it.  Sunshine, with the odd bit of mist  – which isn’t surprising since I ran all along the lake, plus warmer temps.

Overall the run was pretty decent.  I came in about a kilometre short.  Mainly because I discovered that I’m not a fan of doing long runs alone.  Anything over 10K requires a running buddy.  And, doing long runs in the country isn’t all that convenient when you need to pee and there are no public washrooms.  Yup. Anyways I made it and as I was running up the last hill on to our road R.E.M. – Man On The Moon came on the iPod, so the neighbours got a little concert when I started screaming along to “If you believe….” It felt great!!  That hill is always a killer and no matter what it knocks the wind out of me.  Anyone else ever randomly start singing along to their tunes? 

Me in all my sweat glory.  Yup, I turn bright red as soon as I’m heated up

Alrighty, I’ve had a bit of a rest, it’s time to get those walls scrubbed, patched and sanded!

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!! Back later tonight.

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