Wanna Know What Makes Me Happy?

Free yogurt!!! That’s right, one of my fav companies of all time, Liberté, now has a Loyalty Club –  www.passionliberte.ca

I signed up a few weeks ago and didn’t receive any type of acknowledgement until today when I opened up the mail box and pulled out this little package.    If you’ve never experienced the wonderfulness that is Liberté you’re really missing out, I don’t think there’s been a product that I haven’t liked.  Hmm now what should I get with my voucher??

IMG_1785 IMG_1783 
A bit of this and a bit of that:

– So how was your day?  Mine was okay.  This week it really does feel like I’m working for the weekend though. :(   The days seem to be dragging by and all I can see is the beautiful sunshine outside.  I’m thinking that I might start taking a quick walk on my lunch, just to get some fresh air and clear my brain. Anyone else use their lunch break as an opportunity for a bit of exercise?

The winner of the Honeybar giveaway has yet to claim their prizeHoney B, please send me an email lifehealthfit@gmail.com with your contact details so that I can get them out to you.  If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours I’m going to have to select another winner.  Thanks!

– My official Team Myles blog has launched, although I’m still working on transferring posts from SLR.com and updating my info.
It’s really cool to see my name listed on the Blue Nose Marathon website as source of motivation for the average Nova Scotia.  ;)  FYI it’s under my maiden name, Heatley.    To think it was only two years ago that I registered for my first 5K ever

You guys should go and check out the other Team Myles blogs too, there are people training for all the races – 5, 10, Half & Full.

My eats were pretty standard today – oats for breaky, leftover pork & rice for lunch.  Supper was a use up what’s in the freezer/fridge night.

Diced chicken breast & carrots in a sweet & sour sauce over a bed of thai rice noodles.  Simple and tasty.  Plus loads of leftovers for our lunches.

I couldn’t stay awake for Gossip Girl and ended up heading to bed by 9pm last night.  Off to watch it now and work out!!!

When players dish headshots to fans….

Best of Show at the Savour food & wine Show!