We have arrived! (and I Got Fat)

7,516 km later, we’re finally here. It’s been a long two months of planning, packing, moving and driving, but we’re finally here; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories!

The first three weeks of the planning and packing were extremely busy and stressful and I don’t think I can count on one hand how many times I hit the gym and to top it off we had ZERO time and were eating take-out food like it was going out of style.  In reality, the “no time” thing was pretty much an excuse to eat unhealthy comfort food, which is how I put on 100lbs in the first place so I should have known better.

After packing on a few pounds during this time, and seeing what road I was heading down, I decided to create a bit of a challenge for myself, so I started Toned in 21.  It was QUITE successful and after three weeks of hard training, I was feeling good about myself again.

When Toned in 21 was done, it was time to hit the road and drive 7,500+ kilometres across the country to our new home in Northern Canada.

I had never been further west than Toronto so I was BEYOND excited about driving across my country and seeing what Canada has to offer, but I was absolutely terrified about what was going to happen to me physically.  I had full intensions to eat well, buy groceries the whole way and do workouts every morning before hitting the road, but unfortunately, 11 days of 14+ hour days of driving, visiting friends and family and a two day conference didn’t allow that one little bit and it lead to me packing on a nice 12 lbs.

I don’t regret the 12 lbs that I put on during my travels because I got to see and do some amazing things in some amazing cities (I’ll show you some pics soon!), but I am at the point where I’m sick of having this “fluff” around my belly and it’s time to get my ass in gear and get ready for summer (yes, there’s summer in Yellowknife).

We’re officially moved in to our new place, have started our new jobs and joined our new gym on Tuesday, so let’s get rid of this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man shape I’ve got goin’ on and find my old beach body from last year.

Source: http://www.yourinnerskinny.ca/we-have-arrived-and-i-got-fat/

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