Toned in 21 Wrap-Up and New Begining

I have to say that Toned in 21 was pretty successful.  In three weeks, I dropped about 5lbs in weight and lost 1.5 inches around my abdomen.  I also added 1.5 inches to my chest and 1.25 inches to each arm, so with the addition of muscle mass, this leads me to believe that I actually lost more than 5lbs of fat and put on weight with the muscle mass that I added (muscles weighs more than fat).

If you’re wondering “how did you do that?” the simple answer is “I busted my ass!”

I worked with two trainers at 360 fit gym doing bootcamps, TRX and kettlebells classes 4 times a week to get my cardio going and then I also put together a weight training program for myself and lifted heavy weights three times a week at Goodlife Fitness.  I wasn’t training seven days a week, I was training five days a week with some double workout days.

During Toned in 21 I also ate very well.  I counted calories, limiting myself to around 3,000 calories on days I worked out and I probably would have been a bit more successful on this if I didn’t have three parties to go to during the three weeks. Normally in doing something like this I would cut out alcohol and all junk food, but this was the last time I was going to see my friends and family before leaving for Yellowknife, so I made the exception.

Overall it was a great experience and it felt AWESOME to be back to training and eating the way I want to be.  This lifestyle will be put on hold for the next two weeks as I drive 8,000km across Canada, but I will be picking back up again once I’m settled up North.

I plan on eating well and working out while on the road, but it’s going to be VERY hard.  Do you give up your healthy lifestyle when on the road?  How do you stay active and eat well while travelling?


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