Wednesday night at Onyx

Last week, I went to Onyx for dinner. A friend and I met at the Port of Wines, picked up a delicious Carmenere, and off we went to the resto for an evening of great food. Now, I’ve written about Onyx before proclaiming that I think it’s one of the best “bang for your buck” in Halifax. This was when they started offering1/2 price bar bites on Wednesdays. However, this sexy restaurant has sweetened the pot by adding BYOW with NO corkage fee! There’s also great live music to add to the already decadent atmosphere.
Now, I had been informed that there were some new items on Onyx’s bar bites menu and I definitely wanted to give those a try. Since I’m fairly ‘snap happy’ when it comes to food, you can image my grief when my camera’s battery died after just one photo. It’s fuzzy, but it gives you a good idea of Onyx’s new smoked duck spring rolls w/ Ponzu sauce.

My friend and I are both duck-lovers so in order to prevent food envy, we both ordered the same first course. Next, I ordered the grilled Halloumi cheese w/mango fennel slaw and naan crisps. What a pairing; chewy cheese, soft, sweet bread and a lovely combo of luscious mango and crisp fennel. My friend, in the meantime, ordered the Cajun escargot fritters served with a roasted garlic aioli.

In the end, though the Bar Bites menu offers many fantastic selections, we strayed to the sweet sidein favor of something that seemed, as my friend put it, “tailor made” for us. From the dessert menu, we ordered une meule; traditional duoro valley style Stilton wheel, macerated table side with port and served with roasted nuts, hand dipped chocolate truffles, fresh berries, dried figs and toasted brioche. Sigh….

It was another winner for Onyx- one that makes me want to go back again to take photos to drool over later. But really, ya’ll should just go check it out for yourselves. With the Wednesday night deal, it’s spectacular, inexpensive food in a decadent atmosphere- what more could you ask for?

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