Wednesday Outing

I’ve been having a lot of adventures recently! This is where I was taken for lunch today. Thanks Sandy! Fred. It is a gallery/cafe/hair salon! Bright and interesting and I loved the art exhibit on display at the moment. The Salon was off to the right out of sight at the end of this large and airy space.

I had a grilled veggie panini on multigrain bread with sweet potato honey and dilled cream cheese. Yum. A big chocolate Earl Grey cupcake for dessert:))

Afterward we went for a small stroll about the neighborhood to stretch out our tummies and poke about some shops. I really am not familiar with Agricola and there are lots of cool places to explore. I must go back.

We came across a wee shop “Heroine” (5775 Charles St.) which will be holding a Sweet Summer Sale (up to 75% off) only this weekend from 12-5 of Laura Chenoweth Organic Cotton Clothing. She is a local designer who works with artisans in India.

We had fun taking some snaps:) You know me….

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