Weekend Adventure

Well it sure was freezing on Saturday but that did not stop us from making the trek to Earlstown for yet another maple adventure! Pancakes galore!

The one room school house never changes. Fiddlers sit up front and entertain the happy crowds who pour in all day.

Oink, oink. I ate like a ……. Food was delicious and the plates were loaded high with homemade everything. Even the sausages are from a local farmer.

Yummy whole wheat tea biscuits could be dipped in maple syrup.

With full bellies we took a stroll up to the general store. Still lots of snow up there in the country. Notice that one of these things is not like the others?

This is Laura, she’s eleven years old.

Next stop was Sugar Moon Farm to buy some syrup. Bottles on the window sill are are the sap boils of the season…..the early ones are much paler than the later.

Scott checking on the syrup in the evaporator. The room is warm and steamy with maple sap.

Everything is just right, here comes the hot maple syrup!

It doesn’t stop! I had a coffee with whipped cream and maple sugar on top!

Finally, syrup on snow. I couldn’t manage that and in fact hardly ate a thing for the rest of the day. No wonder!

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