Weekly Traffic Advisories


COLCHESTER COUNTY: Lake Road, Tatamagouche

Lake Road from West Tatamagouche Road to Slade Road, for about six kilometres will have stop and go traffic for road repairs and mailbox adjustments until Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Work takes place from sunrise to sunset.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge, Trunk 2

Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge over the Nappan River on Trunk 2, outside Amherst, is closed until further notice.

A detour is available on Route 302, Southampton Road and Smith Road. Traffic approaching Amherst is being rerouted a short distance on the Nappan and Lower Porter Road, while traffic leaving Amherst is required to detour on Smith Road.



Viaduct Bridge, 0.9 km south from Exit 14A on Highway 102 North bound has a lane closure until Monday, Dec. 18, weather permitting.

Jersey barriers are in place during daylight hours then opened up to two lanes at night. Work will continue on Saturday and Sunday.

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