Weinerie Down, New Waterfront Beer Garden

Back from my New England and Quebec road trip, it’s always great to go to other locales and try their local gems.

The beer garden idea that Stillwell started last year went to tender and this year a beer garden will be operated by the Stubborn Goat in the same space.

The Battered Fish, battered indeed this week Tantallon, Lacewood, Sackville and Fall River outlets closed. Tantallon and Sackville are supposed to reopen as corporate-owned locations in the coming weeks.

Well Dartmouth’s,  King Street Cafe was short lived, but a new cafe is coming in right behind it, look for The Passage Cafe at King in a couple of weeks.

The Floral Bouquet (opened 2015) closed suddenly and didn’t fulfill paid Valentines orders and have weddings that have already made deposits.

The Smokes Weinerie/Poutinerie in Woodside has closed.

Truly Tasty is closed for a while the attend to a family matter, This was posted online “Temporarily Closure Announcement: We are so sorry to tell all of our dear customers that we have to close the restaurant for a while. According to my mom’s CT result, the doctors said they all highly believe she has the lung cancer. She needs to take the surgery as soon as possible. So we will go back to China early next week. We thought we could finish this week and tried to tell most of our customers this situation. But we have to close from now. Sorry again, guys. We hope everything can go well. And hopefully we can come back and reopen in May. Thank you so much for the support. Hopefully see you guys soon”



What I got wrong: A few weeks ago I said Tims was opening on Quinpool at Henry but … it was just a mock store for a 22 Minutes sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noXyY13W6cc

The Stitches Mega Store in Dartmouth Crossing is taking over the former Future Shop and not setting up where all the other clothing stores are.

Speaking of Stitches Mic Mac and Bayers Lake are both clearing out their stores and closing and will reopen as Urban Kids.

Kew Furniture has opened their second location on Portland St at Wentworth, Bodega is busy preparing the space next door to open as their new home. Meanwhile just down the block ,The Dart Gallery has reopened.


un with signs this week

wait until the 26th an the price goes down :) ?

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Captains of Industry

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