wet and wild

“Holy raining cats and dogs, Batman!”
It has been wildly raining and the wind has been howling all night long! Better rain than snow. This is the tail end of the huge storm that just crossed the northeast US.

Watched the figure skating again late last night. So pleased for Joannie Rochette, she won a Bronze medal. So hard to stay awake and see it. On Tuesday, my mom was was determined to stay up and watch the ladies short, next thing she knows, she is waking up just as Joanne leaves the ice! lol. Don’t you just hate it when that happens:)

I watched the skating with a charming chipmunk by my side……my daughter got her wisdom teeth out yesterday. Ouch. Rite of passage. Actually the swelling is not that bad although I hear it gets worse day 2 and 3. So far she’s doing just fine. I have a giant stockpile of puddings and applesauce and jello and ice cream and smoothie makings.

Hooray for Friday!

Wet winter storm blows into Bedford

They’re* coming to get you, Barbara