What goes well with a bruise?

L-A: Have I ever told you about how I’m an awkward klutz like 90% of the time? And that I bruise easily? No? Well, now you know. Gravity and I don’t get along well. And I get bruises from thinking about hitting things. So, it really wasn’t all the surprising when busted my toenail on some cement steps and came crashing down onto those steps. My knuckles look like I got into a fist fight with the stairs (and lost). And the bruises? They’re deep, but on their way to the surface. Pretty soon I’m going to have purple/black/blue/green and then yellow splotches all over my knees, thighs, wrists and elbows. So, in an effort to embrace those bruises and the fact that they’re kind of en vogue this season, I’ve decided to look for some outfits to match.


I’m skipping the black stage of the bruise. That’s boring. I want to focus on all the colours that are going to come from this. Like purple. I love purple. I once went as the colour purple for Halloween and dressed in head to toe purple (it was a bit too conceptual and fell flat on the other partygoers. Why can’t I just go as a witch or a kitten for Halloween??).

Anyway, this purple MiuMiu sweater dress would match the bruise on my foot perfectly! A pair of black leggings and some flats, and boom! Coordinating my injuries with my outfit.

Or, something a bit more casual for when it heals a bit and turns to a bordeaux-ish shade, like this shirt from Anthropologie:


These actually go really well with the blacks of the bruise. So you can match this up with the healing bruise of the nastiest of nasty black bruises. Like this J.Crew skirt and turtleneck. Honestly, it’s just made to coordinate with a bruised knee:


A sign things are slowly getting better with that pesky bruise. Still hurts, looks kind of gross, but don’t let that stop you from looking cute at work! Anthropologie hit the nail on the bruised forehead (I banged my head on some shelves today) with this dress – it comes in green and purple, so you can mix and match with your bruises.


And for the final days of being bruised, some catchy yellow tights (I prefer a mustard  yellow for this) or a dress. There wasn’t enough yellow out there this season for my liking, but Anthropologie was once again a winner with this dress:

If all else fails…

and the bruise is too many colours to choose just one, then I say: I’ve totally been there and maybe you should try something that uses all the colours in the bruise spectrum. Like Missoni. Either for reals or for Target.


Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/oPlqgUxgdr4/

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