What Is Charisma and Is It Possible to Develop It in Yourself

Charismatic people cannot go unnoticed in any group. They stand out even in a crowd of people passing by. For a long time, charisma was considered an innate quality, which can not be fully developed. But it’s possible.

What Is Charisma?

Charisma is called not one but many qualities of the person. They make the owner a pleasant conversationalist, a bright figure and the center of attention to others.

Charisma consists of a number of qualities of man as a person, but it’s not a specific set of skills and abilities, traits of character. It’s different for everyone.

Most often, charismatic people are excellent speakers who can enthuse others for themselves, to clearly convey their point of view.

Origin of the Term

This word has Greek roots. Literally, it translates as “gift.” The ancient Greeks believed that this character trait was a gift from the gods. Despite the fact that many years have passed, it’s worth noting that the ancient Greeks meant by “charisma” exactly the quality by which it is explained even today.

Who Always Has Charisma

Charisma is a characteristic of public people. They often perform in front of an audience, so they develop charisma. It’s inherent not only in singers and actors, but also in people who often give interviews. It’s important to them that people listen to them and support their ideas.

What This Person Is Like

First, a charismatic person is someone you want to spend time with. People have a desire to listen to him, support his ideas, and follow him.

What Characterizes This Person

There are a number of signs that help identify a charismatic person. It will also help to develop these qualities in yourself.

A charismatic person has the following qualities:

  • Self-confidence. A person knows exactly what he says and does, and most importantly, understands why he needs it. He rarely relies on others’ help, relying on his own strength and skills.
  • Openness to everything new. Charismatic people easily abandon the old and outdated. They quickly adapt to new things, without feeling particular discomfort and anxiety. Even if they have never placed bets at 20Bet or tried a particular sport, they test such activities.
  • Intellect. Don’t confuse it with the level of IQ. They differ in that intelligence is the sum of a number of qualities. These are understanding, empathy, the ability to analyze the situation and find a way out of it.
  • Intelligence. Again, this is a term that is represented by a set of skills – the ability to react quickly, good memory, the absence of patterns and stereotypes in thinking, a broad outlook, excellent memory.
  • Speech. This is one of the main tools used by a charismatic person. Speech is delivered to such people, they speak correctly and often quickly. It is this skill that can be trained. It cannot be inborn.
  • Movement. Non-verbal communication takes place thanks to our body language. We use it to express what we cannot say aloud. The gaze of such people is always directed at the interlocutor, the posture is open, and every movement seems rehearsed.

To develop charisma in yourself, you should radically reconsider your views on the world around you and yourself. For this purpose, several ways are recommended:

  • Become the author of your own life. This resounding phrase means that a person should take responsibility for his or her own decisions and actions. Also, one should not focus on the negative events and emotions that arise in a person’s life. Moreover, there is no need to complain about the troubles that arise to other people. Charismatic people are optimists.
  • Time Planning. Charismatic people love their life and want to influence it. So, they control their time and know when and what they need to do.
  • Believe in yourself. There is no need to engage in self-injury. Mistakes need to be accepted as experiences and take responsibility for their consequences. Also charismatic people recycle previous experiences and use them to their advantage, not making the same mistakes in the future.
  • The ability to communicate and speak correctly. Speech exercises should be practiced for about 15-20 minutes a day. It’s possible to begin with short phrases and breathing exercises.
  • Empathy. Without this quality of charisma is impossible. It is necessary to learn to understand the emotions of people and be able to empathize with them.
  • Humor and thinking. To develop these skills, you need to read more and be interested in different things. This will help maintain a conversation on any topic with the interlocutor.
  • Worldview. To develop charisma, it’s necessary to have your own point of view, your own opinion and personal view of things. This gives you self-confidence and attracts people’s attention.

How Congenital Charisma Differs From Acquired Charisma

The main difference between acquired charisma and innate charisma is that a person has to work on himself for a long time to achieve results.

Also, the difference is that innate charisma seems more natural to the people around you than the one that has been developed as a habit.

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