Wow Classic: Many Amazing Professions to Choose from!

Wow Classic: Many Amazing Professions to Choose from!

WoW Classic comprises many professions that players can choose from. There are professions that both PvP and PvE players can take advantage of. No profession is better than the other; it is the preference of the player and which sort of job he enjoys doing. Here we will take a look at different professions. You make your decisions based on your liking after reading about it.


This one can be seriously enjoyed within the PvP limits. As the name implies, this is the engineering profession where the player receives the Goblin Rocket Helmet. The Goblin Sapper Charge also comes into your platter, which can handle great damage against enemies. You also receive the dynamite that makes enemies disabled if he is within a 5-yard radius. The Grenade is another interesting add-on that paralyzes the enemy for 3 seconds.

Any player who wants to take the role seriously will fall in love with this profession and the perks that come along.

Players can also choose the Sepulcher of the First Ones heroic boost. You have the pro players by your side and raiding on your behalf by purchasing it. There are many challenging bosses in the raid, and killing them on a heroic difficulty is a real burden. Get the boost and see all the bosses terminated plus all the gear added to your profile.


Skinning comes as an easy profession since killing the beasts is a natural task of WoW. Players keep slaying the beasts and have plenty of their bodies lying on the ground. In the Skinning profession, you choose the dead bodies of these beasts and skin them. You can then sell this skin during an auction where Leatherworkers would purchase the skin for crafting leather items.


Both Herbalism and Mining are other two professions players can choose from. However, these professions need you to explore more boundaries than usual. This means that you would need more time to gather resources, and it might feel a bit sidetracked. Hence you should choose these professions once you have reached Level 60; otherwise, they only infuse more difficulty.

Also, players should think about these professions when they have a mount. A significant amount of exploration needs a mount so you can save time. If you do not like to gather things, go for Herbalism since it is a more attractive one.

Those interested in becoming an engineer should go for Mining since you learn many things in Mining that you need while engineering.


Being an Alchemist can significantly increase your chances of getting gold. This is because players who raid often need to gulp down potions. These potions help them survive the dungeons. When you play Alchemy, you gather all kinds of herbs and sell them at an auction, which lets you have a gold supply coming in.

Other than the potions, you can also sell flasks, elixirs, and other items from your inventory. Players always need to buy potions because Classic is naturally difficult, and hence you will never go out of demand.

The profession helps you level up quickly, and you can also sell the stuff in bulk. When you make those potions in bulk, you can sell them for a significant amount of gold. In the beginning, all the herbs are available for cheap; at this time, you can buy the herbs and make your potions altogether.

Tailoring & Enchanting

One can enjoy when combining these two professions together. One who takes pleasure in tailoring can have the profession and enjoy creating many things. Once created, you can sell the stuff at auction and earn significant gold.

By tailoring, you can also craft bags and sell them to players. These bags are used to keep inventory and expand it. You can create some powerful recipes such as Bolts of Runecloth, for which you can acquire a great amount of gold.

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