What Type of Casino Games Do Women and Men Like?

Do men and women like to bet in different ways? Do men tend to like one type of game while women prefer another?

Of course, every online casino player in Canada likes bonuses and free spins and we should also bear in mind that gambling companies do their best to appeal to everyone, but the fact is that the stats tell us that men and women bet differently.

Our writer, Daniel Bennet, has some great opinions on this and many other subjects and you can read his work here.

The Gambling Habits of Men and Women

It has been argued that in various territories around the world, the number of female gambling addicts is actually growing faster than men.

In Canada, more and more female gamblers are turning their attention to online gaming in these trying times. Especially in and around Halifax from where our friends at holigonia.ca can bring you more smart, local news.

Not all gamblers have a problem at all though and we all like to think we have strategies and preferences. So, what do men and women do differently when it comes to playing real money games and claiming those online casino Canada free spins and other great offers available online. Here’s what we found out.

Male Gambling Preferences

According to some gambling gender statistics, men still prefer to gamble more than women but not by as much as you’d believe.

It is believed that men like to take bigger risks to get a bigger win, though such information is skewed given that more men gamble on games that require various stakes, while women in Canada have tended to prefer lotteries.

According to some experts, men prefer the adrenaline to pump as they expect either a huge win or a soul-destroying loss, while they also like to play games that require strategic decision-making.

That strategy however goes out of the window when it comes to sports. More men subconsciously bet their favourite team or player meaning they enjoy any winnings all the more, but deepen their mood when the bet loses.

Here are some other key points:

·         Men enjoy competition within gambling, such as playing against other participants in poker for example making what men enjoy playing as important as any other factor.

·         Despite the odds being stacked against them, the vast majority of men bet to win money rather than simply to have some fun.

·         Men get angrier than women when they lose, often as a direct consequence of the above.

·         Men will get bored and spend less time on one game.

Based on this, not just casino games but sports betting is a real male gambling trait for Canadians, with games involving other players such as hands of poker also favoured.

Female Gambling Preferences

It is true that, especially when out and not playing a licenced online casino, women like to gamble at the casino almost as much as men. It’s what women enjoy playing at the casino that is interesting though and it mirrors gambling behaviour away from it.

For example, around 80% of bingo players are women. This is a game with no strategy and one a person can play while chatting to pals. It sounds stereotypical, but it appears to be a strong pull for female gamblers.

In that vein, when in casinos women prefer to play slot games which again have no strategy and no competitive element, playing for fun rather than expecting to win money.

Here are the key points for female gambling habits:

·         Women spend more time on one game than men do.

·         Bingo, slot games and keno are preferred.

·         Women don’t enjoy table games as much because they need a lot of game knowledge and strategy. It stresses them more than men.

·         Rather than playing to win, the majority of female gamblers report that they play simply to pass the time and have fun.

·         Fewer women get addicted to gambling, though that is on the rise.


If you dig deeper into this subject, you’ll find we’re all more similar than we thought, however to this day men still bet differently to women and there is clearly no right and no wrong way.

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