What’s on your fashionable bucket list?

L-A: Welcome to Wednesday! Sorry we’ve been gone so long, my cold has spread across the city and into the suburbs: it’s Ally’s turn to be sick. We observed the Easter Monday holiday because of her cold and because I was just rolling back into town from a whirlwind weekend in Ottawa for my bro’s wedding. Anyway, we’re back on schedule now. And there are outstanding challenges to fill now that I’m getting healthy.

I don’t actually have a bucket list. I’m a bit too fickle to make a list and stick to it. As soon as I make it, I change my mind or add ten new things.  I’d never even heard of the term “bucket list” until that movie came out a few years ago (took me awhile to figure out what the movie was about. When I did, I didn’t go to see it).  Anyway, when shoe porner Amy put her list on twitter, she mentioned that she wants a pair of Louboutins before she kicks it.  This got me thinking about how I don’t have a list. And about what other people have on their list?  So I hit the Twitter.

Lauren (who submitted a prom dress…which we wish more of you had done) said she wants vintage quilted Chanel purse:

Maybe not that exact bag, but you get the idea.

Kim wants “custom pair of camel coloured leather knee boots, since my calves are too fit to fit into generic pairs in stores.”

Frankly, being a girl with fat calves, I don’t blame her one bit. I’d love to own something along the lines of those Chloe boots (I’m using them as a visual of Kim’s bucket list…she didn’t actually say she watned those boots) and have them fit my calves perfectly. It’s possible that I might just add the Chanel purse and the custom boots to my fickle bucket list (actually, the Chanel purse was already there).

Heidi P (of shoe porn and Shop Halifax fame) also wants Louboutins, an Alexander McQueen dress and a McQueen skull scarf.

Nice taste ladies.

Like I said, I’m fickle. I think maybe I’d  want Louboutins too. They’re the sort of shoe I would continue to love for years. It’s like they would defy trends.  I think I’d also like a Birkin or a Kelly bag from Hermès.

But with it’s two year waiting list and insanely steep price, I fear it’ll never happen (maybe I can huff and puff and blow Posh over to steal one of her dozen Birkins…because that’s probably more likely to happen. I’m also more likely to get a date with one of my Pretend Boyfriends).  Those bags are seriously pretty and they’re a crazy status symbol without relying on a logo. The bag itself just says, “that’s right bitches, I own a Birkin and you don’t”.  Okay, so yes, this is on my bucket list. But I’ll settle for Chanel and Louboutins.

Until I get my Birkin, I will settle for Avril Loreti’s awesome Birkin tote bag:

Is it just me, or is the fashionable bucket list heavy on the accessories?  Probably because your accessories are going to love you for years and years, while your dress will probably go out of style or stop fitting you.  Anyway, I’m sure y’all have that one accessory or piece of clothing that is must for you to own before you can die happy…so share.

AllyG: So, for your weekly mundane details about Ally’s life, I bring you my recent ailment. In addition to my jaw issue, I have developed a head cold. The pressure from this cold on my sinuses is a delightful addition to the already throbbing pain of my jaw joints. This update is essentially an excuse for what will be a craptastic post on my part. Apologies. Perhaps as a thank you for your patience I will post a photo of myself wearing the tights around my head holding the frozen peas in place. My lack of pride knows no bounds.

There are many things I would like to add to my fashion bucket list, but on top would have to be the coveted tutu dress. I have yet to find the perfect tutu dress, but when I do, I will own it. Trust. It will also be inspired by the Carrie Classic:


I, like Amy, wish to own a pair of Louboutin’s before I bite the dust. Preferably before I start heading down to Boca Raton to “winter”. These would do nicely:


I also must own these.


Manolo Blahnik for Rachel Roy. I want those. Lots and lots.

Can we move away from this topic for a second to go back to how I am feeling? If I had to provide you with a visual to depict the amount of pain I am experiencing it would be this:


Who the eff what? Where do I begin? The shoes would represent my clogged sinuses and the pants would play the role of my busted ass jaw. The “belly shirt” would be the non-stop bell clanging in my ears.

Mischa has officially figured out how to keep herself in the celebrity gossip sphere. Exhibit B:


Look, I’m not bagging on her body. We don’t do that. At least not on the Internets. I am, however, crapping all over her floral shorts and what appear to be beach shoes (you know, the kind you wear to navigate the rocks). I’m hoping that she is auditioning for a spot on What Not to Wear. ‘Magine what Stacy would have to say?

L-A: Oh poor Mischa. She turned down Gossip Girl…for what? For this? I want to love you Marissa Cooper, but you make it so hard. (I have a feeling she’d be a much better Serena. At least she wouldn’t rely on her cleavage to get through an episode).

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