Where Do You Go, My Lovely? – Mischa Barton Edition

Anthony: Oh, to be back in those crazy days of university, watching The O.C. at my friend Melissa’s house every Thursday, living vicariously through the sexy teens of Newport Beach. Seriously, The O.C. was a straight up social event between my friends and I; and it’s where I cut my teeth on snapping vicious verbal whips about the clothing teens on television were sporting.

Personally, my favourite character was the incomparable Summer Roberts, played by real life fashion darling Rachel Bilson. How much did I love her, you ask? I had a t-shirt that said, “I Love Summer Roberts”.

Reals, she’s totes amaze.

In recent years, Ms. Bilson has been living a quiet but busy life, working on films like New York, I Love You and the upcoming Waiting For Forever; great title seeing as it captures exactly how I feel in anticipation for another Rachel Bilson fix.

However, a cast mate who has not made an effort to stay out of the spotlight is Hot Mess Aficionado, Mischa Barton.

Of all the opium dens, in all the world, she had to pass out in mine.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start with this girl. Sure, having everyone hate your character probably made you feel defensive. At least Marissa had a hot lesbian fling with Olivia Wilde, and while she’s has gone on to bigger and better things, Mischa been able to maintain your profile without so much as a cameo in a Lifetime movie. Impressive.

Now that I’ve immersed myself into West Coast culture (I’m like, totes into yoga and eating paleolithic), I’m starting to see some of the genius in Mischa Barton’s wardrobe. The fashion bloggers from New York City are just embittered and worn out by their hustle and bustle way of life. I mean, what’s wrong with this?

Note: luxurious, bouncy blonde hair is not required to live on the West Coast… but it helps.

She’s playful; she’s light and breezy; she has a super cute, beach going… oh, right, that’s Marissa Cooper. Hmm.

Wait… oh fuck me, THIS is Mischa Barton?

There’s a reason why Coachella only happens once a year.

Who told her that floral culottes were a good idea? WHO? Sometimes, there are people who look amazing because of their stylist and then there are the actors who think,

“Hey, I can totally give someone a roadside tracheotomy because I played a doctor on television.”

No, Mischa Barton. No. You cannot dress yourself – for the love of Jesus, someone get this girl a stylist. It’s like she wore this to declare she is the captain of the bad life choice brigade. There’s something to be said for eclectic style… and there’s also a lot we can learn from shopping drunk at Kitson.

Who knew beneath that glamourous actress, there was a budding concierge bursting to be let out?


L-A: I just need to take a moment to discuss how Marissa Cooper was awesome once. I know Ally is with me on this one:

Also, I wonder if getting written off the show in such an epically bad scene caused some kind of fashion breakdown in poor Mischa. God. The last few seasons of the OC was so full of questionable things.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/v9F1RdVxCT4/

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