Where do you kids get your leather jackets?

L-A: So, it was probably a couple of months ago when I was taking the bus home and saw this girl hanging around outside of the Bloomfield Centre. She was looking kind of tough and disaffected, but what really got me was her jacket. It was one of those really perfect leather jackets.

she rocked it like kids with a costume department at their disposal

And it got me wondering: where the hell did she get it? How did she get it to looks so worn in and awesome? And more importantly, where can I get one? Because as far as I’m concerned, those perfect leather jackets are like unicorns: mythical, yet totally awesome creatures.

I see the young starlets wearing the leather jackets and I get that. They’re probably sent bitchin’ leather jackets all the time for free and then hire someone to wear it until it looks awesome.

She kind of blew her early Harry Potter awkward years out of the water.

I can't tell if she's acting or if she really will kill you for looking at her.

she rocked the leather even before she went all "Courtney Love is my Hero" on us

So starlets, I get. But where are the average kids on the street getting them? Because when I think of leather jacket stores, I get a little scared. I expect bad leather. Unflattering leather. Or really unfortunate leather like this:

I don't even care if it is Dolce and Gabbana.

I….don't even…just….no.

Although, I will admit, I just went and checked out the Danier website and I’m not horrified by what I saw. If they do have the leather that scares me, I didn’t really see it. I was even intrigued by this one (minus the ill advised fedora):

But even seeing those jackets for sale, I’m left with some questions:

Would it look all stiff and new if I purchased it?

Do I need to hire someone to wear my leather jacket in?

Would it be flattering or worst purchase ever?

And finally: it’s a $500 jacket…where do people get them? I’m guessing that possibly homeless kiddo hanging around outside with her dogs and backpack didn’t pay that much for hers. Is there a magic vintage clothing store where you find such things? Or do you have to hunt for years until you find one? Because I suck at hunting for vintage, so I’m going to have to pony up the cost of a new jacket and whatever it costs to hire someone to make it look good. Although, I’m not sure I can commit that kind of coin to a look that probably won’t even work for me.

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Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/05/10/where-do-you-kids-get-your-leather-jackets/


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