Where in the world is AliasGrace?

Miss me? Yeah, I know I was supposed to post here a couple more times last week. No, I didn’t think my post about pickled beets was full of so much awesomeness that it would keep you entertained for a week.

So, what’s up?

The long and the short of it: life got busy.

I had a deluge of in-laws descend upon the city all at once from all across the country.

We launched a really cool new books portal at work.

Work is just busy as usual.

I went on a tour of Peggy’s Cove Area with some local bloggers and social media types.

Did I mention the in-laws? (Kidding, love you guys..!)

Will I post about some of this? Maybe. Consider this a post for everything I don’t write more about.

Sorry, but I’m sleepy.

I promise to be prolific very soon. Until then, check out some of the links above. If you’re on Twitter, submit a book review to #cbc140. If you’re on Facebook, consider becoming a fan of the CBC Book Club.


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