who me?

I’ve been interviewed by Karen for the Cat’s Meow blog and am called the “cat lady artist. It is funny to me because that is not how I perceive myself but maybe it is how others view me and my work:) I DO paint a lot of cats!
Pop over and have a look!

I also saw an extraordinary documentary last night about a Slovenian man, Martin Strel. He is an endurance swimmer and has swum the length of the Yangtze, Mississippi, Danube and attempted the AMAZON! He swam the same distance as the Atlantic Ocean in his Amazon quest(3274miles). All this and he is 53, fat and probable alcoholic! A remarkable film and the question I had was, why have I not heard of this man??? He swims to bring attention the the pollution threatening the world. The film is called Big River Man and if you have a chance, go see it!!!!

Photo credit: feministjulie from Flickr

Mexico Lindo

Halifax Regional Police

Girl escapes from attempted abduction in Halifax