Who Offers Higher Chances of Winning: Local or Online Casinos in Canada?

Online Casinos in Canada?

With Canadian land-based locations reopening their doors to the public, it is only a matter of time until gamblers will be faced with the difficult choice of whether they prefer virtual or traditional casinos. Virtual casinos have been thriving for the majority of 2020, while the beloved brick-and-mortar establishments were closed. Many factors influence the gaming populations’ preference for a medium such as the game selection, the chance of winning, how quickly payouts are processed, and the safety precautions that are in place.  Let’s take a look at each of these.

Game Selection

Traditional establishments are well-known for the array of gaming choices for their patrons. Anything from table games to slot machines can be found at some of these land-based casino locations across Canada. As a matter of fact, Casino Novia Scotia is one of the local establishments in Halifax that has gained favour with gambling enthusiasts by providing 500 premium slot titles, table games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, in conjunction with sports betting facilities.

However, a large number of online casino offerings that have become popular amongst Canadian players over the last few months are either very strong contenders for the attention of gamblers, or they have managed to beat Casino Novia Scotia’s game selection. An increased number of slot tables and new live offerings of table games has caused many natives to wonder whether it is necessary to visit these land-based locations. But the reality is that there are still a small percentage of gamblers who are keen to visit their favourite local casinos as the virtual platforms do not do their chosen pass-time justice. 

Chances of Winning

The second factor that determines the future of traditional gaming is the chance of winning. No matter how vast the online offering is, if players felt that the chances of winning were higher at land-based casinos, they would not consider foregoing on the commuting costs.

However, many Canadian online casinos are licensed and regulated by internationally recognized authority bodies that ensure gameplay is not only safe but fair for players. The rules, regulations, and safety conditions that are experienced at trusted casinos like Novia Scotia are emulated at virtual casinos to ensure that the integrity of the games, and operators, are not lost. What this means is the chance of winning at an online casino is directly proportionate to the chance of winning at traditional gambling locations. Players who experience unfair gameplay can report discrepancies to the relevant authorities and get an operator’s license revoked, which has proved to be a good way to ensure online operator adherence.


The third and final aspect to consider is payments and how quickly payouts reflect after a transaction. Land-based casinos can never be faulted on the turnaround times for payouts or payments as they are usually processes immediately by trained personnel. As a result, patrons feel 100% sure that their funds are safe and that nothing wayward is afoot.

On a different note, online casinos present a different set of challenges. While there are limited ways to transfer funds at a land-based casino, online operators pride themselves on their ability to cater to a global clientele. This means that there is a range of different payment methods on offer that range from credit cards to cryptocurrencies. Players who opt to play online are often sceptical about whether their funds, sensitive information, or security will be at risk, regardless of how many safety and regulatory licenses are displayed. And the turnaround time for these transactions varies greatly. Deposits into gaming accounts are usually approved within seconds while payouts could take days to reflect. Harrowing tales of unhelpful customer services and lengthy back-and-forth have been reported by a small percentage of online gamblers who usually take to the internet to vent their frustrations. Due to this, more players have opted to use e-wallets and in very extreme cases, some have chosen to never venture into an online casino ever again.  Brick-and-mortar establishments all over the world have reported a decrease in year-on-year revenue that has been attributed to the rise of the technologically advanced customer, as well as safety measures in place. Online operators have work to do on building consumer trust but the fairness of gameplay, the chance of winning, and gaming selections are competitive enough that gamblers all over the world are taking the risk.

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