Why every woman needs a little Kensie

AllyG: As we “blossom” into our “middle years” we learn what clothes look best on us, specifically what brands. L-A refers to this type of mentality as “investment shopping”. It means moving away from trends and purchasing things for longevity and practicality. This doesn’t mean you have to thrown in the towel and not wear coloured tights! Heavens, no! I’m simply saying a time comes in a woman’s life where we need to start buying the classic pieces that will continue to look good long after Lindsay Lohan stops wearing them (ok, I take that Lindsay was a bad example, but you know what I’m saying).

I’ve learned recently that Kensie is to me what Goldie Hawn is to Kurt Russell, what Cher is to assless chaps, what Justin will always, and I mean always, be to Britney.

Quick commercial break…have you seen Britney and Justin’s performance at the Superbowl a trillion years ago? It simply does not get better than this. Don’t argue with me. No, seriously, don’t argue with me. Ask my husband how successful he’s been with that lately.

So, Kensie. It’s a brilliant line of classic yet colourful pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. The fit is fantastic, really comfortable fabrics. Let’s look at a couple of examples!


Still age appropriate without being too serious.

kensie drape sweater

I have a close version of this Kensie drape sweater in purple. It’s so comfortable, and the fabric does not seem to wear despite numerous washes (I’ve been wearing it a lot alright? Anything that doesn’t require buttons is on with me).

On a sad note, the Kensie website is seriously frustrating. I almost gave up on this post because they provided no corporate information on the site, and when I went to view the collection it took me to one picture…of one outfit…that I didn’t like. However, my love for my Kensie items outweighed by pissy mood and voila, we have the post about Kensie. If you are reading this Kensie people, you can thank me by fixing your website…and sending me free clothes for pregnant ladies.

L-A: I agree about the website. Boo Kensie website. I also did not enjoy much of their fashion photography. Some of the model poses struck me to be a bit too much like the Dopey Fashion Poses from Sassy magazine from days of yore:


Despite all that, I do agree about the adorableness and wearability of Kensie clothing. I’m a big fan of much of their designs.  Kensie fact: Did you know that Carlie Wong of Project Runway Canada Season One worked as an assistant designer with Kensie? It’s a fact. She’s got a fairly solid solo line and I think you can see that she was either influenced by her work at Kensie or Kensie hired her because she meshed so well with their aesthetic.

(Oh, it’s true, I do yammer on about the “investment piece”, but that’s only because I care and I want you to buy things you really love and will enjoy wearing).

I usually like Kensie because it is fairly affordable and looks au courant without looking too trendy. Because seriously? There really isn’t much sadder than dressing like you’re 21 when you are clearly no longer 21.  This doesn’t mean throw away the coloured tights or start dressing dowdy or matronly. Heavens no! I’m just saying that you probably shouldn’t dress too much like the Olsen twins if you’re looking at the other side of 30. Just because you are 30 or beyond doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be having some fun with your wardrobe. Like with these fun Kensie pieces:


I love this white top. It looks perfect for summertime, as though it were made for Saturday afternoon drinks on a sunny patio. I do not love that they have paired it with this particular skirt – I’d choose something a bit more structured, but that’s just me.


Another piece I love, the “Stretch Canvas” dress looks like it’d be fun to wear to the office this summer. And at $98, it is not prohibitively priced.  It has a bit of a Peggy Olsen from Mad Men sort of vibe to it. (season 2 Peggy who is climbing the ranks at Sterling Cooper; not the frumpy, doesn’t know she’s pregnant season 1 Peggy), which I dig.  And speaking of Peggy Olsen:


Elisabeth Moss, the actress who plays Peggy, appears to approve of Kensie (another cute dress!) in the February 2009 issue of Vogue.  Or a stylist at Vogue approves. Either way, I like the dress. And since I am on the subject (sort of) of Mad Men, I will share this TV tidbit with you:

Oh yes! Mad Men is back on August 13. Get out your pencil skirts and your Old Fashioneds or Tom Collins’ and get ready for some good TV (because I’m dying here with little more than “I’m a Celebrity…blahblahblah.” I’m also dying to know what Pete’s reaction was to Peggy tell ing him about the baby).

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