Wildfires Update

Ground and air crews are fighting wildfires in Annapolis and Queens counties.

The wildfires have been burning for more than 24 hours and are in heavily forested areas where people and buildings are not at risk.

“Fighting wildfires when its extremely dry and in high winds is very hard work,” said Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines. “I want to thank the Natural Resources ground and air fire crews, and the support organizations, for their co-ordinated and effective response to these fires.”

A wildfire in Greenfield, Queens Co. is contained. The fire has burned almost five hectares of forest. A Natural Resources fire crew and volunteer firefighters are being assisted by heavy equipment to build a fire break to prevent any further spreading.

A wildfire in Seven Mile Lake, Annapolis Co. has burned 90 hectares and is not contained. Natural Resources firefighters are being assisted by volunteer fire crews and helicopters.

A 24-hectare wildfire in Maitland Bridge, Annapolis Co. is also not yet contained. Natural Resources firefighters are being assisted by a Parks Canada firefighting crew volunteer personnel. Heavy equipment and a helicopter are on the scene.

New Brunswick is helping fight the wildfires with six air tankers, which drop 3,000 litres of water each. Newfoundland and Labrador has sent a water bomber that drops 6000 litres.

Highway 8 north of Maitland Bridge is still closed while firefighting efforts are underway.

Conditions across Nova Scotia are very dry and Mr. Hines encouraged Nova Scotians to check burning restrictions at http://novascotia.ca/natr/forestprotection/wildfire/burnsafe/ or call 1-855-564-2876 (BURN).

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