Wine Love – The Makings Of Good Wine And A Good Story

It’s no shock to you that I love wine. I see it on Facebook that whenever there is a funny wine joke or pic going around, I’m usually the first one to get tagged in it.

I don’t mind, at least my friends are thinking of me.

That’s what happened when Colleen from Curtains are Open and Heather from Mmm is for Mommy were thinking about bringing another blogger with them to Maritime Beer & Wine Emporium to bottle some wine. So I say, it’s a win-win. I get wine and they got to bring a big wine enthusiast with them for some entertainment.

Yes, I’m usually the entertainment wherever I go. It’s OK, I’m used to it.

So picture this, me in a beer and wine making shop. It was like being in Cape Breton on heavy garbage pick up day. So much to choose from…

There you go, you didn’t even need to “picture it.” Can you sense my excitement?

Let me tell you a bit about Maritime Beer & Wine Emporium. You go in, buy the wine (or beer) kit, pour in the yeast and VOILA! four to 8 weeks later you have wine. Just like that! You do have to go in and bottle it but they have all the tools you need to do it fast, do it right, and do it without spilling a drop (I would cry!).

Colleen demonstrates just how easy it is to make wine!


So here’s how it works. This:

Plus (This is the “wine bomb” or da bomb as we called it. It is what adds flavour, flavour to the wine):

and this (this right here is what makes red wine red, the skins of the grapes):

= WINE! (in 8 weeks)

 Ta da! See? Happy customers.

Tim, Heather, Colleen and some wino.

Tim, Heather, Colleen and some wino.

Many thanks to Colleen and Heather for taking me along and to Tim from RJS Craft Winemaking and Maritime Wine & Beer Emporium for providing such an important service to wine lovers like me.

Watch for my follow up post after July 3rd when we bottle the wine. You may have to wait for a few days after that for the actual post as I sample my wine (responsibly, of course) several times.

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