Share Thanksgiving #halifax!

Hey! Psst. If you’re in the Halifax Regional Municipality, this is for YOU. I need you to read it and think on it. I am calling you to action.

I’m challenging you. And if you’re a reader who isn’t in the HRM, I encourage you to keep reading too. Maybe it will inspire you. And who couldn’t use a little inspiration on a beautiful Wednesday?

Have you heard about Share Thanksgiving yet? I wrote about it last year too. Last year it was a national program. This year, unfortunately the national program didn’t happen but that didn’t deter Nova Scotians. Engage Nova Scotia was the driving force being Share Thanksgiving in Nova Scotia last year and they’re doing it again this year. Because Nova Scotians are wonderful and welcoming people, that’s why.

Share Thanksgiving invites newcomers to our province to be paired up with welcoming locals to share in a Thanksgiving meal. It is an absolutely amazing experience that creates friendships, introduces immigrants and foreign students to our culture, and fosters a sense of community.

Dan carving the Share Thanksgiving turkey.

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