Wino Wednesday V2 – What’s Is Mommy Whining About Now?

I’m back! It’s Wednesday so that means it’s a great excuse to drink wine during the week!

Last time, I told you how I don’t have a wine rack because it’s like the wine rack taunts me all the time. That’s still true. No wine rack.

So, I picked up this bottle today. Sticking with the Chilean wines, I have another from the devilish Casillero del Diablo collection. This time it’s a carmenere.


The Casillero del Diablo Carmenere is smooth and delicate with intense color, smooth, round tannins, and attractive aromas of black currant and chocolate. Ideal with aged cheese. Luscious fruit flavors. Dark plums and blackcurrant, black chocolate with hints of coffee and toasted American oak.

Paired well with blogging on a Wednesday night!

So if you’re looking for a wine, check this one out. Even Santa approves.


NOTD: Different Dimension Cruella