Woman Attacked, Sexually Assaulted On South Street

At about 9:45hrs the victim was walking on Edward St south of South St. The victim a 23 year old female suspected someone was following her on South St. She crossed over to Edward St onto the left sidewalk, she then felt her hair being pulled from behind and then her hood of her jacket was being pulled. The suspect stated “give me your wallet” as he continued to pull on her. The male then moved in front of the victim and started grabbing at her wallet, which was in her left hand. The male then went face to face with her and began to head butt her forehead area. Her wallet dropped out of her hand and then the male then began grabbing at her hood and collar area from the front.
The attacker left suddenly, she picked up her wallet and ran up Edward St to Dalhousie campus near the computer science building where she took a cab and went home.
During the incident the suspect was making sexual comments, and at one point pushed the victim with both hands on her breasts. She then stated the male was trying to pull her towards him as she was trying to fight him off. The suspect is described as a white male, 45-50 years, 5’8″-5’9″, 220lbs, husky build, wearing a black rain coat style jacket, possibly dark jeans, black baseball cap and he talked with slight slurred speech. The victim lost none of her property.
Source: Release

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