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Word To Your Mother

Kickin’ it old school on the blog (and Style Panel) this week by featuring my new favorite vintage blouse and my good old faithful chuck taylors.

Over the years I have learned that you don’t mess with a good thing, and if you don’t know already Chucks are a good thing! Seriously these bad boys are timeless! If you don’t already own a pair you should probably go ahead and go get some. Every now and then you need to give your tender tootsies a break, and with the sneaker trend being so hot right now, it’s a better time than ever to embrace your inner hipster. 

Also I want to draw attention to my new favorite blouse! I just recently picked this up at my local Value Village and while the size isn’t exactly fitted (which I balance w/ skinny jeans) I was immediately drawn to the color, and print of the blouse. It reminds me of something my great grandma would wear, and there’s something about the wide shoulders and the fabric covered buttons that just seems so chic and so me

Sometimes I like to imagine where vintage clothing once was, and what kind of live it once lead with its previous owner. I wonder what the little old lady that probably used to own this blouse would think of me pairing her blouse with chucks and skinny jeans. I imagine something along the lines of… Ah kids these days! While she shakes her head and take a small sip of tea. I like to think that I am a little old lady at heart and this cute blouse allows me to embrace my inner Gran while the jeans allow me to still stay current. Kind of like old meets new :) Given the amount of times I’ve worn this blouse already (in just a matter of a couple weeks) I have no doubts that it’s in good hands and will be worn time and time again!

Featured Items: Vintage Blouse (c/o Value Village) | Jeans: Parasuco | Oversized Clutch: c/o Gap (similar here) | Necklace (short): Stella and Dot | Necklace (long): Adorn By Sarah Lewis (available here) Chucks: Converse | Earrings: Short Presents Etsy Shoppe (similar here) | 

Hope you have a lovely weekend blog reader, and if you get some spare time please do visit the new Value Village out in Bayers Lake (address here) you never know what you’re going to find! It might just be your new favorite shirt! 

Happy Friday, 
Short Presents

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