Wordless Wednesday: Carlsbad Caverns

Some of you know that myt dear daughter was born in Carlsb ad New Mexico where I lived with my now ex-husband. I loved living in Carlsbad. Really of all the places I have been this place ranks pretty high for me. One of my favorite things about Carlsbad are the Carlsbad Caverns that are just minutes from town.

You decend into the caves on this windy path.

Just a little warning before you start your journey.

Just a stop at the info desk to figure out what path to take.Then it is off to enjoy the beauty of the caves. There are several rooms.

There are over 50 miles of this type of beauty.

Or this type, they take your breath away.

After ascending from the underground everyone gathers in the bat amiptheatre so they can watch the greatest natural show on earth.

Over 450,00 Mexican Free-tail bats ascend out of the cave nightly from May to October.

Personally I think this American National Park is a treasure and a testament to God’s beauty and design.I  am grateful that the last time I hiked down in here Rachel was with me, yes she was a babe in a backpark but before we left Carlsbad this was a must do for me..I am so glad we did it together.

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