Worst Things to Say to A Server 5 Minutes before Closing Time

Having any customers at 5 minutes to closing time is excruciating enough for a server. But hearing these comments moments before sweet freedom is enough to turn the hardiest of servers angry and depleted.

1. Table of 4 please.
2. Yes, we’d love to see a dessert menu.
3. I’ll have a cup of decaf.
4. We’re just nibbling.
5. Last call? We’ll have a pitcher.
6. We’ll settle up with you, but we’ll just hang around until you’re finished.
7. 2 cups of tea and 2 pieces of cheesecake please.
8. Is your kitchen still open?
9. Are you still serving?
10. Do you have any recommendations?
11. What’s the difference between these 3 items?
12. Why is it so dead in here?
13. We’re not keeping you are we?

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